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Using Social Media to Recruit People

November 15, 2012 by blairstover

Using social media to recruit people is really the underlying trend that is hitting every business recently. Owners are looking for every possible way to save money as well as a way to get to know just who they are hiring better. As Blair Stover points out below, businesses are reaping the rewards both financially and in the human resource area by looking to social media for their next hiree.

Popular social media sites are finding their way into human resources everywhere. Connections made on LinkedIn can help new graduates see where their like-minded peers are working. Facebook helps advertise to a wide range of fans that the company is looking. Twitter helps keep individuals updated on what is going on.

These days, most job applications are done online as well, so the trend to include social media isn’t necessarily new. With each new site a company invests in, new individuals are reached and the potential market numbers grow.

Recruiters are finding new sources of looking for candidates every day. Even in some countries where social media isn’t all that popular, social networks still accounted for 5% of recruitment 4 years ago and now the figure is leaning more towards 20 to 25%.

For recruiters and business leaders, this means you must arrange for your business to make new strides when it comes to using social media tools. As an entrepreneur, you have to move with the times and adapt. Your business depends on it.

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