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Using Flickr to Market Company Photos

January 4, 2011 by Blair Stover

There are some very effective and streamlined approaches that you can use to legitimately harness the power of Flickr (Yahoo’s free photo-sharing community) in order to advertise and promote your company photos.

One important rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the terms of usage of Flickr specifically prohibit anyone from using the site to exploit their products or services in the photos that they upload. However, there are some good tricks that you can put into practice that can get you safely around these rules, and allow you to use the service to market efficiently without risking having your account axed in the process.

A good first start is found with choosing a username on Flickr that is the same as your company’s name or the name of your website. This way, whenever you post photos, your company name or website name will show up as well.

Don’t oversell in the photo descriptions.  Use simple and to the point descriptions that don’t brandish a product or service. Make sure that you add solid keywords into your photo descriptions so that you can get good search engine ranking results from your efforts.

If you have a blog on your website make certain that you anchor link any relevant keywords to your Flickr photos.  This increases the amount of Flickr photos that are indexed on the major search engines.

Lastly, continuously update your Flickr account with new photos so that they are constantly being crawled by the search engine bots for indexing.

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