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Twitter Tips for Better Marketing

November 15, 2011 by Blair Stover

If you are looking to market like the pros, take these tips when marketing on Twitter. First, improve your tweets. In your own voice, share valuable content with a style which goes along with your brand.  Also, provide key words in your tweets. Use words that describe your industry and business best. Include many of these words when creating your 140 word posts.


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Share useful content by providing links. By doing so, you are effectively retaining and growing followers. This is a stronger tactic than actually engaging in a conversation with them. This is due to the fact that growing a fan base requires you to share more links than replies.


Take advantage of customer search orders to learn what consumers want. Once you know what your clients want, you can
work on providing it. Then, engage them in a conversation to  about the problem your business can solve.


The most crucial part of a Twitter marketing strategy is to tweet with the right people after connecting with them.  Do not just follow anyone. Seek out relevant people who are willing to follow you. Having thousands of followers does you no good if none of them are interested in your content. Local businesses can even do this by finding potential followers who live in your region and have shown interest in your industry.


Use icebreakers to make connections with the strangers who will follow you. Try to find a connection with them. Try sending them an @messaging and detail something that was insightful in their last blog post.
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