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Tweeting is Still a Must!

August 27, 2012 by Blair Stover

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A business study performed by Harvard states that there are over 750 million active Facebook users, 100 million LinkedIn Users  and 175 million users that are active on Twitter. Those are some staggering numbers if you really think about it and then again, in this day and age, they are not. Just think about how many people have cell phones… it is a lot, right? What about personal computers? Even more… and that is the point. Blair Stover breaks it down.


Technology is running a mile a minute and people are trying to catch up. In fact, they are running out of breath doing so.  Here are some social media tips you should perform everyday when you are on Twitter:


–       Create  a blog and post two to three times weekly

–       Try creating a account which will shorten your tweets

–       Tweet four to five times weekly and more if possible

–       Engage in discussions whenever you can

–       Integrate social platforms with others including your blog

–       Comment on other people’s blogging efforts at least two times a week

–       Try to answer or ask a couple of LinkedIn questions a week

–       Create business profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

–       Follow and request people to follow you

–       Have patience in the process, as it may be a slow one


If you follow these simple tips, your business should light up like a Christmas tree in December. Just remember that you have to stay on top of things religiously if you want it to work.


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