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Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes

September 21, 2010 by Blair Stover

Developing a social media marketing strategy that works for your business is important. You’re probably aware of how influential an authentic online presence can be when it comes to speaking directly to your clients and potential customers. It is a fantastic way to get the word out about your products and services. The important thing to remember when it comes to social media is that you should consistently be engaging with your stakeholders. Think of it as a communication tool.

Although you are probably aware of the many benefits of social media, you may not know that there are several common pitfalls made by businesses attempting to develop their strategy. Here are a few things to avoid:

1. Not listening. Its important to be human when it comes to your online presence. Rather than over spamming followers and friends with the latest product and service, try listening to what people are saying about your industry. Engage in conversation rather than sampling conducting a one-way conversation.

2. Not monitoring your accounts. Being active on your accounts is critical. If followers and friends see that your account is stagnant for extended periods of time, they will likely lose interest and find another company to rely on for expert advice on products and services.

3. Relying on interns to do the dirty work. Although the younger generation may be more up to speed on how social media works for them, they are not experts in business or maintaining brand integrity. Make sure that the staff assigned to monitor your accounts is professional and always mindful of how your image is portrayed online.

Do not underestimate the importance of a well-planned social media strategy. Having these platforms set up and in place can help you not only sell your products and services, but also help you manage your brand. Social media can be useful, for example, when it comes to dealing with crisis communication and public relations issues. If you are looking for business tips and tricks that are helpful, look to the experts at

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