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Tips on Creating the Content You Need

April 14, 2012 by Blair Stover

According to a Content Marketing Survey given in 2012, companies feel their most significant marketing challenge is engaging prospects with the kind of content they produce. This feeling was shared by a vast majority of the businesses surveyed.

Ballpoint pen writing. Streaks of ink are visi...

Ballpoint pen writing. Streaks of ink are visible on the ball, indicating the direction of rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The truth is that in this day and age a great need for quality content exists for both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) companies. With these three main points, there are ways to improve your content development.

First of all, identify your creators. Your main problem may not exist in the actual content, but rather in who will create the content. Begin by organizing a list of the sorts of content you can produce, given your current resources. Consider social media postings (Twitter, Facebook), blog articles, in-person presentations, webinars/webcasts, videos, newsletters, research, white papers, ebooks, research, emagizines, podcasts, etc.  Next, generate a list of the areas of expertise within your organization. From the list, decide who would be best at which content development.

After this, fashion an editorial calendar. This can be done with an excel spreadsheet. With a calendar, people will realize the commitment you are requiring. Additionally, people will understand that they will not be asked to make content constantly.

Lastly, consider segmenting your content. Have content goals outlined. For example, do you want to raise brand awareness, build upon existing customer loyalty, attract new customers, or all of the above? One content size will not fit all of these needs. Consider how to differentiate your social media messages, as you will have a lot of competition. Rather than focusing on the latest and greatest tools for content; a business should focus on what is going into the content.

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