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The Power of YouTube for Small Businesses

January 15, 2011 by Blair Stover

Youtube is, in fact, not just the world’s largest online video search engine but also a search engine as well. Not surprisingly, the world’s largest search engine – Google – happens to own and operate And in today’s day and age of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, ensuring that you have a solidified presence in both worlds is absolutely incremental in gaining the web exposure and presence that you desire.

Millions of people search Youtube daily to find videos and share their own videos as well.  So the importance of harnessing the power of Youtube for small businesses is paramount.

Since video syndication is very important in the ever expanding social media world of the present day, many small businesses can benefit from creating videos on Youtube. Often, a good strategy is to shoot a video in a professional manner that offers what is called education-based marketing.

Education-based marketing videos are usually short videos that have a keyword-rich description on them as well as a keyword sensitive title. They often will educate consumers and incorporate a call-to-action.  Many times they will have URLs in them as well that encourage viewers to click through to a website, specifically your small business website.

The power is easily realized. With a properly tagged video up you can get double the search engine results. People will find your video, based upon the keywords and description that you used, and will also find your website.

Another good idea is to add the video to your website.  This way you get indexed on Youtube for the video and on your website for the video, driving even more consumer interest in your direction.

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