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Taking Advantage of Location Based Marketing

February 18, 2012 by Blair Stover

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Getting started with location-based marketing is not as difficult as one might think. Your business can take advantage of this type of marketing by utilizing global-positioning technology in order to send specific geographic business marketing to consumers through their mobile devices. This is a huge prospect for businesses of any size. Additionally, this opportunity continues to grow.

Location-based marketing can be implemented through use of apps. However, turning the focus to text messaging, Recent research indicates that the overwhelming majority of text messages are opened and read in three minutes or less. Thus, making it possible to reach many potential clients in a short amount of time.

While experimenting with your business, give customers the chance to opt in. Some people will not want to disclose their personal information. Give the customer a clear understanding of what opting in will mean for them. Be certain it is clearly stated how you will use the personal information they have shared with you. This will put to rest any concerns the may have over privacy issues.

Now that you have gained the trust of your customers, keep it. Do not sell off their personal information to third-party companies. Add more value to your service by keeping it from being advertising-based. In turn, clients will be more agreeable to sharing their personal information with you.

Finally, allow opting out to be easy. Should a customer decide they no longer want to be in your program, it should not be forced upon them. Even through the use of technology, you should aim to keep your customers happy in order to earn their loyalty.

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