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  1. WordPress Plugins that can Increase Your Conversion Rate

    July 31, 2012 by Blair Stover


    WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

    If you have a news site or any other site involving contributors powered by WordPress then you may want to consider installing the following plug-ins. Why? Because if you want to boost both the ergonomics and the referencing that goes along with your site you want to increase your conversion rate.


    The following is a summary of a list of WP plug-ins that Blair Stover Designs highly recommends for your news portal or multi-author site.




    –       Peter’s Collaboration E-mail: Send a mail to the admin (or admins) when an article is submitted, send an email to the contributor when the item status changes from “pending proofreading” to that of “draft” (for cause of change request, with maybe a small note from the previous plug-in) but also, even especially, when it is released. In the latter case, the referrer will be very happy to receive it because it is super convenient for monitoring/reporting.

    –       SEO Smart Links: Insert links to other articles to your categories or tags directly in the articles of your contributors. It should be installed from the start of your portal.

    –       Yet Another Related Posts Plug-in (YARPP): YARPP displays a particular relevance index after each link that can help point your readers to other posts on the same topic or similar topics to keep them on your site longer.

    –       Facebook Social Twitter Share: This plug-in displays buttons of social networks at the beginning of your article. This allows your visitors to follow you on a number of social media sites as well as helps promote your brand new content.

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