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  1. 5 Essential Online Marketing Tools

    December 26, 2012 by blairstover

    Marketing tools make your work easier and they will save you a lot of time in the scheme of things. It does not hurt to have a number of marketing tools at your disposal.

    There is a chance that you have tried, tested, bought and discarded some free and paid marketing tools… a learning process that is dealt with the hard way. The promise of the varied offers is to push through the art of the marketing business by any means necessary however we all know that this is a broad statement and sometimes it can’t be done.

    Here are some tools, provided by Blair Stover, which he recommends with good conscience. These tools will simplify your work, save you time, provide important feedback information and whatever else you can use for benefit on the internet.

    1. Get a solid business plan. What is the most important part of every business? That’s right, a sound business plan! Make sure you know what the business is all about, where you want your business to go and what the target audience is going to be.
    2. Make sure you get a website and a blog. Not all businesses need this kind of model, for instance affiliate marketers, however most people will benefit from it. The great thing about it is that it’s not very expensive.
    3. Using keyword research tools. This will help you find out who your target audience is and what they are looking for.
    4. Auto-responders and email lists. Auto-responders will help you increase your profits as well as build a sound client base.
    5. Tracking software. This type of software is perfect for keeping track of social activity that flows through your site.


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  2. 7 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

    December 19, 2012 by blairstover

    Unlike many social media experts who make sweeping statements that social media marketing is a must, each business owner must decide this decision individually. Including the following factors when deciding the use of social media, plays a role.

    ·       Product

    ·       Target Audience

    ·       Purpose

    From an SEO standpoint, social media marketing makes sense as each business owner hopes to boost his or her ranking within the realm of the Internet. With social media marketing, it is all about the organic and viral dissemination of information on social media channels. The generation of buzz or word of mouth carries a lot of weight these days, especially with search engines.

    Social media channels live on the interaction of its users, however, and rely on the business owner to constantly reach out. The more users a business’s social media channels have, the more interaction.

    Have a new social media campaign that isn’t going anywhere? Here are seven reasons why social media may not be working for you, provided by Blair Stover.

    1.     You are lacking some goals that just aren’t clear.

    2.     You have unreal expectations.

    3.     You and your audience aren’t connected.

    4.     You aren’t consistent in what you’re doing.

    5.     You aren’t as engaging with your audience as an owner should be.

    6.     You haven’t built your audience up yet.

    7.     Your blog is non-existent or you haven’t put enough work into it yet.

    While certainly not the only reasons, all of these points are important to consider when looking into what is keeping you from excelling in the social media realm.


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  3. How to Make Your Business Blog Profitable

    June 10, 2012 by Blair Stover

    English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

    English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Starting a business blog is a great weapon in your marketing arsenal but you have to put work into it to make that happen. Simply building a blog and posting content is the first step but you have to work in SEO, focus on quality content, build links and talk about your blog on your social media platforms in order to spread the word.

    Here are some ways to utilize the power of your blog to build your business. A blog is a great place to feature your goods or services – especially if you sell physical products. You can use your blog to post testimonials and use it as an extension of your website. Make certain your blog posts point back to the website to enhance sales.

    Your blog can be used to spread company news, industry news, and announce new products, services, and any anniversaries your company is celebrating. If you are using the blog for business purposes, make certain you keep your target audience in mind. Cater your posts to the audience.

    Your blog can be used as a way to deliver enhanced customer service. If you have customer concerns that are being raised on your social media pages consider putting together a blog post to address those concerns. Take responsibility for client concerns and address it through feedback on your blog.

    If you’re looking to expand your workforce either through permanent hiring or with offering internship opportunities use your blog to recruit applicants. If you announce a position on your blog and your social media pages, you know that someone who’s responding is likely familiar with your business.

    Bottom line with your business blog is that it should be used to drive traffic back to your website and be used as a tool to drive sales. A blog, with continually updated content, will help your Google ranks and help your business be found.



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