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  1. What Hummingbird Means For You

    November 25, 2013 by Blair Stover

    If you have not heard of Hummingbird, let Blair Stover introduce you to this important update. This latest Google algorithm change means that content is an unequivocally critical portion of your strategy in order to remain visible and in business. Hummingbird has taken over where updates Panda and Penguin left off.

    English: Google Logo officially released on Ma...

    English: Google Logo officially released on May 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    We know that Panda made content important. You need to realize that Hummingbird makes content completely crucial. Not just any content will do, either. Hummingbird demands the right content in order for you to be visible on Google search results.

    Learning the way consumers search is what Google continually adapts toward. This enables Google to deliver the most relevantly organic results. With consumers becoming more intellectual about the way that they search and also using their smartphones, there are some things that your business must do to survive. Having a mobile-optimized website allows you visibility on mobile devices. If you do not already have this in place, it is suggested that you adopt a responsive design right now.

    Be the answer to your consumers’ questions. When searching, consumers do not type in “ hot chocolate”. Instead they type a question, “Where is the best hot chocolate in Seattle?” or “How to make the best hot chocolate.” Answer the questions that people are asking.

    Remember that results appear on smartphones based on location. This means that even though your business may have a global reach, it will present on a smartphone based on location. Be certain to have a fully developed profile on Google+, and be sure that your business has a listing on Google.

    With Hummingbird, the face of digital marketing continues to change. Be sure you keep up with the trends otherwise you may find your website, and search engine ranking, lagging behind.

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  2. 5 Ways Google+ Communities Are Your Best Friend

    October 25, 2013 by Blair Stover

    English: Google+ wordmark

    English: Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Most professionals and companies are already familiar with social media marketing. But there are some who still do not know what the best use Google Plus is when it comes to marketing purposes.

    Google Plus, like any other marketing outlet, isn’t for everyone. But for many it’s a way to help with not only SEO efforts but create a genuine and engaging online presence as well. Here are some suggestions on how Google Plus can help increase the number of marketing benefits, provided by Blair Stover.

    1. Engage with active users (professionals). Google Plus has a balanced mix between influential people and those who are just eager to learn. Many users have their own blogs, websites or brands with pages on Google Plus. By using Google Plus, you can find people who are active in your area and influence them to share their content. A company should try to get more involved with these types of users.
    2. Create new communities. If you cannot find a community on Google Plus that is related to your interests, you can always start your own. The creation of a new community is extremely simple. Influence authorship and invite people in your community to post.
    3. Use Google hashtags. By using these, you can actually call out specific people within posts.
    4. Engagement and responses appear on your newsfeed. Organizing your circles based on the news you want to see is a huge time saving feature.
    5. Recommended Communities Feature. This is the best feature for marketing professionals. Any type of content can be found on the Google Plus public community feature.

    Google Plus was never seen as a threat to Facebook (at first). Now, the tables have turned because of new tools and features that make this social media site rapidly gaining in the social media world. Are you on Google Plus already?


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  3. Hashtags: To Use or Not to Use?

    August 20, 2013 by Blair Stover


    Today we ask the age-old question…hashtags: to use or not to use? Hashtags are everywhere today, first started by Twitter then used by Google+ and Facebook. American Express even allows their customers to make purchases using hashtags. What’s the fuss with these hashtags? Are they really necessary – or just potentially irritating? Blair Stover says – #necessary. And #effective!


    Hashtag-FB (Photo credit: melenita2012)

    It may be surprising that businesses can actually use hashtags to their advantage. People take notice of hashtags and they can help people share your contests, news, advertising and other thoughts, taking the work out of your hands and to others who share via your hashtag.

    People share hashtags to join a conversation or make themselves visible. In this vein, it’s a great idea to use hashtags to attract new patrons, hold a contest, or inform patrons who share a hashtag thought that they will receive an incentive or be entered in a drawing. It’s simple to see who has participated, as all a business has to do is look up that particular hashtag to see a list of people who have shared it.

    Hashtags navigate a variety of networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Make your hashtag known by introducing it to as many networks as possible, and watch your idea grow as you expose it to more people.

    Furthermore, a company who uses hashtags will be used as modern, innovative and concerned with attracting a widespread audience, as well as one who likes to build a community of patrons who share common thoughts and ways of sharing and circulating those thoughts.


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  4. Online Marketing Trends for 2013

    December 22, 2012 by blairstover

    More people than ever have access to the Internet, according to the latest U.S. government research statistics released earlier in November. TV is available online and is more interactive than ever, as are movies, businesses, and industries. Tablets provide new ways to crawl through technology and smart wireless is changing into a public resource.

    Trends in marketing indicate businesses are now becoming location-based services and real-time bidding (RTB) is put together with social searches. Is this the beginning of a global technological boom? Blair Stover has more on this story below.

    In December, marketing consultants proposed their views for the coming year. Their findings indicated that these may be a few of the online marketing trends for 2013:

    ·       Google+ – These types of profiles will actually help you increase your ranking by helping you stand out in a user’s search results. If you have written blogs or articles, and your name is attached to the content, Google+ will help you boost your ranking.

    ·       Mobilization – Being mobile actually accounts for 10%+ of all web traffic and that is a huge jump from last year. It goes to show how much people love their cell phones.

    ·       Social everything – Social media is ruling the internet. If you are not a member of the main  social media sites, you are missing out on a large business and marketing opportunity.


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  5. How Social Media can Help Businesses Sell During the Holidays

    December 11, 2012 by blairstover

    More and more small businesses are being singled out for their delay in the use of new technologies these days. But it seems that some tools are adopted more quickly than others, in particular the wide realm of social media.

    Social networks seem to be back in the forefront of how a small business communicates. Recent studies show that businesses who started their social media trek last year have increased their social media impact this year, with varying degrees of success when it comes to their business revenues.

    A little less than a third of people who publish content on the web, who primarily work in marketing, are on most networks at least once per day. In a week, owners or managers say that they spend at least six hours on these tools, and a quarter of those will spend between six and 10 hours weekly, sometime more!

    Social networks are used because small businesses favor the target audience. Facebook is widely acclaimed, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and then Pinterest. This increase in use is huge as businesses hope to generate an increase in business during the holiday months.

    Here are some ways businesses look to make it big when it comes to going online:

    ·       By creating a sound marketing plan that will incorporate different methods to reach the consumer. It can stem from online advertising to using social media.

    ·       65% of people say that word-of-mouth is the best way to get ideas for gifts. You can always encourage your subscribers to email or text a friend about your company. Even offering some kind of discount will help.

    ·       Putting all products or the business on review and rating sites to help spread the word of mouth campaign.

    What’s your advice when it comes to small business and social media? Tell us your top tip in the comments below here at


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  6. Connecting Disqus with Your Site or Blog

    November 20, 2012 by blairstover

    When Disqus arrived, they stated that they were a global comment system that is casually was the built-in WordPress system created (via JavaScript) and was intended to improve the integration between website operator and visitors. However, any comments can still be managed by the Disqus website. Blair Stover has more on this below.

    According to Disqus and WordPress, installing Disqus doesn’t mean that your own system of WordPress is replaced. The status quo, as they say, can be restored any time. The old as well as the glut of post-installation comments are entered into the database of all 1:1 WordPress blogs. So you can keep track of all of your comments, even if they are spread across multiple blogs, because Disqus allows you to do so.

    So far, the advantage points to Disqus on so many levels however many WordPress users are not ready to give up their easy way of doing things. Here is how you can connect Disqus with your blog.

    1.  Go to the Disqus website and then register for a new account by clicking on the top right link. You will want to create a “commenter” account.

    2.     It will give you a choice of signing up with a Google, Twitter or Facebook account or you can sign up using your email.

    3.     You will now edit your profile and this is where you edit your personal info.

    4.     Now click on the “services” link and choose which ones you want to connect with.

    5.     Next, visit sites that support Disqus and start making comments.

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  7. Must-Know Social Media Optimization Tips

    October 17, 2012 by Blair Stover

    Must-Know Social Media Optimization Tips


    Are you looking to get e-shopping on your website or just have a showcase site that is present on the web? Both is great, but in today’s fast paced world, optimization is a must. As Blair Stover explains below, there are some must know social media optimization tips that every website owner needs to pay attention to.

    Because having a beautiful, functional and ergonomic site it is not everything, there is still work through optimization (SEO) to do via a strategy of content and net-linking which will help increase visibility and gain customers.

    Google is authentic in the world of web search engines; the last evolution of Google has changed everything concerning the Internet by giving more importance to the quality of your content and “popularity”. Today, Google attaches great importance to the interaction that people have with you and your business, content that you share with others, and how it is passed on.

    That is why the SMO is an integral part of SEO! Here are some fantastic social media optimization tips for you to think about:

    Have a community management strategy

    • Look a the definition of an editorial that has keywords for use with SEO
    • Use a Facebook fan page with regular content and active fans
    • Start a blog with optimized content and strong links to your site
    • Netlink in connection with the influential bloggers in your field
    • Presence on platforms such Google+, Twitter and Pinterest
    • Take tips from successful business owners or people that have successful runs with social media.
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  8. Facebook Tips for Attorneys

    September 24, 2012 by Blair Stover

    If you are an attorney who is looking for a few extra tips in building a strong client base, you should always start with social media. In today’s technological-based world, it seems that everything is either online or via mobile. If you can nail those two avenues, you should have no problems building a loyal clientele and moving forward to bigger and better things.

    One of the most important issues you must realize before all else is that branding starts your business because it lets your clients know who you are. For instance, if you are a bankruptcy attorney then you want to focus your brand identity on the demographic of those people who would be most interested. You never want to try and cater to a wide variety of people because that would just be wasting time, money and effort. Here are a few more tips brought you courtesy of Blair Stover.

    To start your branding efforts, you first need to have a logo thought up for your business and a slogan (if you want one). This really needs to be something that sparks interest but also stays professional and conservative. At no point do you want to go overboard with your slogan. Your slogan needs to be something that is straightforward and will let your consumers know what your field is in. If you feel like this is out of your realm, you should hire a professional to take over the designing elements so it will look professional.

    Once the logo and slogan is in the bag, social media accounts are next. Facebook and twitter are the two best social media sites if you want to get your name out there. Make sure you use your business name and not your personal name so that your audience will make the connection. The gradual exposure will soon increase your business and so long as you continue to engage and promote your business will gain traction over time.


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  9. Social Media Advice for Creative Professionals

    September 6, 2012 by Blair Stover

    The Blair Stover blog is a place where readers come to learn about social marketing and how it can help them in their businesses. Social marketing is powerful if it is used properly. Creative professionals have good reason to look toward social media marketing as a way to build their visibility in the marketplace.

    Keep in mind, however, that there are smart and not so smart ways to go about bolstering your brand. The choices may seem staggering when looking at what is available to social marketers. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google-Plus are just a very few of the social media tools you can use to put your work in front of the right eyes.

    The first thing you need to remember is that you should only put your very best work on social media. The old show business adage definitely applies here: Get good, get noticed, get paid. Unfortunately, many professionals ignore the first part of that equation. Getting good implies that you will not post poor content for others to see. If you are a writer, for example, be certain that the pieces your post to your blog or Facebook page are top-notch.

    Another way that social marketing can help you is by creating buzz that you are an expert in your field. If you have three blogs, a Facebook page, and utilize Twitter in order to get the word out that you are, let’s say, one of the best interior decorators in the city, make darn sure that the photos your post and the articles your write are of the best quality. If you “get good” before getting noticed, then you will be on your way to the final step, getting paid.

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  10. Make the Most out of Your Facebook Page With These Useful Tips

    July 16, 2012 by Blair Stover

    Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

    Image via CrunchBase

    Getting the most out of your Facebook page is important these days because everyone seems to use the social site. People use it for things ranging from catching up with old friends to expanding their business ventures. Whatever the case is, Facebook isn’t going anywhere and that is why you have to milk the social media for everything it is worth.


    Blair Stover is all about getting you the information you need when you need it and that is why we have compiled a small list of tips to how you can get the most out of your Facebook page. Here they are:


    1. Set up your shop. Why have a Facebook page? Because it is free. You have to understand that Facebook is a business just like any other online company. They generate revenue from the ads and the games they have. In fact, they are second to only Yahoo and Google and they rank in the top 5 in traffic constantly. So, with that being said, it is just smart business for you to have a page.
    2. Greeting your guests. When a person visits your page, you want them to feel special so have a video greet them as soon as they land on your page.
    3. Offer incentives to people when they become “fans”. Give people discounts or early access to exclusive items when they become “fans”. This helps your business when people see how many “fans” you have.
    4. Give your “fans” reasons to come back. Provide steady, fresh content.
    5. Be considerate. Never spam your fans.
    6. Make things fun! Throw a party like its 1999! Your clients want to feel excited when they visit your page. Give them exciting reasons to come back. Throw some polls and contests out there.



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