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  1. 4 Pinterest Tools You Need

    December 9, 2013 by Blair Stover

    Since its creation, Pinterest has risen in the ranks to become one of the best tools for social media marketing. With numerous businesses turning to Pinterest and finding success, this social site should not be left out when creating your own digital marketing plan

    Blair StoverAs Blair Stover states below, there are certain ways to make your site/Pinterest profile more efficient in your marketing efforts. Take a look at four tools to help you make the most of your Pinterest:

    1. Inject traffic to your website. In each of the photos or info-graphics you use, you should never let your customers miss the opportunity to click a link that can inject traffic to your site. So, with ease and speed from different photos, this social network can be a very interesting way to drive traffic to your website. An important option is to add a “Pin It” selection to your website itself.
    2. Organize your site by subject and select bright colors. Organizing your website separating each screen by subject and then ensuring each is easily understandable is important. Complete the process by adding photos, videos or more representative info-graphics. You can expand things by adding related or unrelated articles about your field, as well. This makes your site easy to Pin, and easy to Pin from.
    3. Humanize your content. Companies and individuals have similar, if not identical, profiles. Take advantage of this! Pinterest, gives you a good opportunity to humanize whatever brand you are marketing, even if it already has a somewhat human appearance.
    4. Use analysis tools. Recently, Pinterest announced the inclusion of an analysis tool that provides large amounts of data. This data allows users to make the measurements necessary for the development or adjustment of business strategies.

    Pinterest is one of the most profoundly technical visual sites that can be found on the net. If you are looking to expand your business by sharing images as well as ideas, feelings, opinions, etc, this is the platform to use.


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  2. The Importance of Brand Recommendation

    September 9, 2013 by Blair Stover

    Blair Stover believes that brand recommendation is an invaluable component of any marketing plan, and that knowing why and how consumers use brand recommendations will lead to the creation of more effective marketing campaigns.

    According to Nielsen research, consumers report that word of mouth, search engine ads and banner ads as influencing factors in their purchasing decisions, most notably word of mouth. In fact, Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers report that word of mouth and recommendations from people they know are the leading influence in making a purchase. Therefore, it’s extremely important to tap into that power of recommendation when promoting a product or brand, or your company as a whole.

    Many companies utilize a Net Promoter Score (NPS), which illustrates how likely one is to recommend a specific brand, product or company. Brand recommendations from friends can come in the form of YouTube video reviews, positive product reviews and friends’ “liked” Facebook pages, as well as such offline sources as family members and friends. Personal recommendations happen on a constant, daily basis, and companies must realize how essential these recommendations are from an overall marketing standpoint, and how essential it is for customers to make such recommendations to their peers, friends and family members.

    Therefore, companies must make an effort in finding their customers and making sure they want to recommend a product or brand. An effort that will kick start a word-of-mouth recommendation process and hopefully lead to increased product recognition and purchase.


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  3. Tips on Creating the Content You Need

    April 14, 2012 by Blair Stover

    According to a Content Marketing Survey given in 2012, companies feel their most significant marketing challenge is engaging prospects with the kind of content they produce. This feeling was shared by a vast majority of the businesses surveyed.

    Ballpoint pen writing. Streaks of ink are visi...

    Ballpoint pen writing. Streaks of ink are visible on the ball, indicating the direction of rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The truth is that in this day and age a great need for quality content exists for both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) companies. With these three main points, there are ways to improve your content development.

    First of all, identify your creators. Your main problem may not exist in the actual content, but rather in who will create the content. Begin by organizing a list of the sorts of content you can produce, given your current resources. Consider social media postings (Twitter, Facebook), blog articles, in-person presentations, webinars/webcasts, videos, newsletters, research, white papers, ebooks, research, emagizines, podcasts, etc.  Next, generate a list of the areas of expertise within your organization. From the list, decide who would be best at which content development.

    After this, fashion an editorial calendar. This can be done with an excel spreadsheet. With a calendar, people will realize the commitment you are requiring. Additionally, people will understand that they will not be asked to make content constantly.

    Lastly, consider segmenting your content. Have content goals outlined. For example, do you want to raise brand awareness, build upon existing customer loyalty, attract new customers, or all of the above? One content size will not fit all of these needs. Consider how to differentiate your social media messages, as you will have a lot of competition. Rather than focusing on the latest and greatest tools for content; a business should focus on what is going into the content.

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  4. Branding on Facebook Successfully

    March 25, 2012 by Blair Stover


    facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

    Facebook has a six-step plan for brand building successfully. To start off with, Facebook suggests that you articulate. What this means is that you want to identify components of the brand that can be communicated through social media. Consider why people engage with your brand and why they would want to share it with their friends in a real world context.

    The next two steps are connect and engage. A brand must create a hub in order to build connections through social media. Facebook recommends having the hub be its presence on Facebook. To engage your consumers, they must become part of the conversation. With social media marketing this is considered a key component.

    From here, you will want your brand to influence the social media market. Get your social media fans engaged to the point of feeling like insiders with the brand. Certain companies will break new ads on Facebook before they hit TV. These ads can also be used to select brand ambassadors from Facebook to attend highly sought events (and send photo updates to Facebook while attending).

    After this, you should aim to integrate. Make use of the other brands your client has “liked” by integrating it into your loyalty program. Connect offers of “liked” brands to show up on that social media users dashboard.

    Finally, the last step is to become relevant. Make your brand relevant to its fans. Consider happenings in the news and how they could connect to your product. If it can connect in a relevant way, make a note of it on your Facebook page.

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  5. Maximising Your YouTube Marketing

    August 17, 2011 by Blair Stover


    Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

    Image via CrunchBase

    If you are not getting desired results with your YouTubemarketing, take action. According to Nielson, both mobile and Internet viewing have increased 20 to 35 percent over last year while traditional television viewing increased only fractionally over last year. This alone is an important reason to focus on your YouTube marketing. Try the following tips to maximize this marketing.Be aware that each minute, thirty-five hours of new video are uploaded into YouTube. This offers a huge amount of competition. This is exactly why you want to make the most of your YouTube marketing efforts. Firstly, create compelling videos. Your videos should address the needs of your intended audience. Consider what will be compelling, valuable and helpful to your prospective customers. Have your videos focus on slide shows, expert interviews, frequently asked questions, how-to’s, etc.

    Next, make your videos easy to find from within YouTube and outside of YouTube. Remember that Google owns YouTube. Videos frequently appear as first page results on search engines. You can essentially skip over your competition to the top of the results of a search page in this way. To make your video findable focus on the title, adding a colon after the initial key words, make your description as keyword-rich and descriptive as possible and tag all and any related keywords in the tags field.

    Create a branded experience. You can do this on YouTube without becoming a partner or paying out for a brand channel. By turning your channel into a destination, your YouTube channel can become a second home. Choose background colors that coincide with your branding. Make your layout in “Player View” and set your featured video to autoplay. Add a playlist of the videos that represent your products and services.


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