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Social Media Tips For Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents and Other Legal Professions

July 23, 2012 by Blair Stover

Social media marketing tips for B2B events

Social media marketing tips for B2B events (Photo credit: channelship)

Having an edge in the social media category is very important in today’s society for business professionals. Specific industries need a certain push beyond their competitors and that is why Blair Stover has comprised this small list of techniques and tips just for you that work in the fields of real estate, legal and financial planning.


Real Estate


Real estate is a field that doesn’t have that many restrictions per se however there is a huge amount of realtors that work online as well as off. This means that brokers and agents don’t really know how they should build their business reputation online because it is different pitching sales online more so than in person.


–       Get the office involved

–       Use videos instead of copies

–       Write blogs for the community outlets




Attorney/Client privilege is a thin line to walk so knowing what things to post online is important. But most legal professionals know what they can or can’t post so we can jump right into the tips:


–       Turn the laws into a light conversation

–       Make legal videos


Financial Planners


This tough industry is a major one especially when discussing what you can post online. Building a reputation is a tough task as well but you can do so if you follow these simple tips:


–       Post your personality and share your thoughts

–       Host teleconferences often and make sure they are free

–       Holding free assessments of a client’s business or assessment can help your company out immensely

–       Post your personal stats as well as the industry’s stats but make sure you put it into language that everyone can understand



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