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Social Media Resources for Teachers

December 1, 2010 by Blair Stover

Today’s teacher has many options when deciding on a social media resource. Students become excited to take part in the social media aspect of the class and such resources can allow for the collaboration which a teacher may not have time for during school hours.

Edmodo is a restricted atmosphere that teachers can encourage class engagement in. In this platform, teachers and students can share their ideas and assignments on a communal wall and files. Teachers are able to create groups of students while monitoring them at the same dashboard. After classes are organized, teachers can post and then grade assignments on the wall. To begin new class groups, the teacher would archive the old groups.

Calloborize Classroom is an application that allows teachers choices of discussion format. Examples include students ability to either agree or disagree with statements made, respond to a multiple choice question, write responses or simply vote for another student’s response. Photos or videos can be added by teachers to their prompts and one class page holds all of the online discussions.

Symbaloo is another teacher social media resource and a great number of teachers are already using Symbaloo as a classroom resources organizational tool. Academic subject-specific pages make fabulous resources and a school logo can be added to a teacher’s account. Links can be modified by the teacher, the site is user friendly for the student, and atudents are able to access the site and share information or projects with other students.

EDU 2.0 enables teachers to share videos, experiments, lesson plans, quizzes, etc. in a shared library. In addition, a community section for teachers and students allocates collaboration with classmates.

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