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Social Media for Realtors

January 17, 2010 by Blair Stover

The recent housing slump continues to be a big challenge to realtors. Experts predict that the number of American realtors will drop by 20 percent or more this year. For realtors to make it in these hard times, they have to search for ways to improve their services. Fortunately, the Internet has several free tools to help you in this aspect. One such tool is social media.

Personal referrals are important for salespeople But after a while you may find that youve exhausted your personal contacts and need new leads to follow. Thats why its essential to network with people like your old friends from high school or college. Locating them may seem difficult after all these years but you can do that quickly and easily with the use of popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace among others.

Today young and old alike are spending a lot of time reconnecting with others on these networks. All you have to do is to make a profile and start looking for people to reconnect with. Youll be surprised how many people will gladly be your friend, ask you what youre doing nowadays or even suggest you meet up for coffee. This is a great way to get new leads and clients. Theres a lot of potential for a realtor with a good Facebook profile.

Another good site is Twitter which is fun and easy to use. This is a micro-blogging platform that answers the question What are you doing? in less than 140 characters. This is a whole online community of people engaging in constant conversation on different topics. By telling people what youre doing right now, what youre up to or sharing interesting things youve just learned, you start a conversation and get new leads in the process.

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