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Social Media as a Tool for Customer Service

November 22, 2012 by blairstover

Although social media is becoming increasingly popular, allowing companies to reach several millions of clients around the world, there are some brands that are still struggling to get on the fast moving bandwagon. Companies not on board with social media deprive themselves of interesting opportunities in reaching out and connecting with their target audience.

Social media increases the awareness of your company

Social media helps increase the awareness of your company through three stages:

·       Increases the overall reach of the message you are trying to put out

·       Commitment created by posts

·       Influence over the communities where you’re participating

This is most likely one of your goals that will be obtainable by using social media.

Advice – Create and then share relevant content by tying relationships in with influential professionals and participating in conversations that have quality over quantity.

Social media helps improve customer service

Several businesses are very reluctant to try using media to manage their customer relationships. Experts explain this situation either by a poor understanding of social media (which leads to a lack of interest) or by the fear of possible negative perception due to public criticism.

Yet, the use of social media is becoming more and more popular. In addition, conversations around your company may have already started to happen without you knowing. Strategically participating in these conversations on social media can represent a competitive advantage. This is also an opportunity to show people the human side of the customer/owner relationship.

What’s your advice for business owners when it comes to social media? Share below in the comments here at

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