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Social Media And Your Brand

November 6, 2012 by blairstover

Social media has never been more prevalent than it is now in society. With the explosion of smartphones, invention of new social media sites, and hyperfocus on the social media market, brands without social media are facing a large uphill battle.

Whether your business is old or new, establishing yourself in digital space is crucial to success. Below are a few quick tips from us here at ABStover to help you get a handle on social media and your brand.

Flexibility is key. You have to be very flexible when involving social media because you never know what the day will bring. Everything can change very quickly and you have to be available to answer questions most unexpected members of your community will ask. The ability to stop a “crisis” before it takes a large turn or highlights one brand’s news is important.

The use of tools to manage your accounts saves time. For example, with Tweetdeck, you can follow several news feeds at the same time and stay connected to all accounts without having to disconnect-connect to switch from one to the other.

Moderation is also important. No one likes a brand that updates constantly. Keep your updates relevant, important, and interesting, and do them without becoming an annoyance.

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