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Reasons for “Unfollows” on Twitter

October 15, 2012 by Blair Stover

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When it comes to your Twitter followers, it’s more important to have high quality followers versus a high quantity of followers. When managing your Twitter account, you need to pay attention to the number of people following you. You may need to re-evaluate your Twitter strategy if you notice that you are starting to lose followers.

Step number one is finding out the reason why people are “unfollowing” you on Twitter. Blair Stover lists out the most common reasons:


  • Always promoting your products and services- People don’t care to see you advertise your products all the time. You have to be engaging, conversational, and interesting to your followers. An occasional promotional Tweet can be okay.
  • Tweeting too much- People can get irritated if you use Twitter too often. Put time gaps in between your Tweets or people might unfollow you.
  • Not Tweeting enough- Followers might forget about you if you don’t Tweet enough. Stay active and engaging with your followers.
  • Offensive Tweets- Do not cross the line when Tweeting to your followers. When using Twitter for your company, you need to be careful of what you Tweet. Tweeting any offensive content can hurt your company and your company’s image.
  • Tweeting irrelevant content- You must Tweet content that is interesting to your followers. If you start Tweeting things that are not relevant to your follower’s interests, they may stop following you.
  • Not interacting with your followers- Social media relies on interaction. You need to reply and converse with your followers to help build your business. People may unfollow you if you are not interacting with them enough.
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