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Personalize Your E-mail Signature and Promote Your Blog

July 10, 2012 by Blair Stover

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Have you put your email signature to work for you? Here at A.B. Stover, we believe your email signature is one of the best, and most overlooked, places to promote your projects and blogs. This takes your daily correspondences and turns them into an effective marketing tool. While this sounds easy, sometimes there are some obstacles. There is a fine line here between overkill and effectiveness.


Creating a signature that encompasses graphics, hyperlinks and RSS feeds but does not become garish or irritating requires a bit of skill. Some emails have limitations signatures, which may feel like a dead-end. If you are feeling frustrated with creating a signature that is just right, there is help.


In less than ten minutes, you can install WiseStamp for a little help. Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail support this application. You will need to access your email through FireFox in order to download it.


Once in FireFox, type into your browser. Download the free WiseStamp add-on. You will be instructed to re-launch the FireFox browser. Instructions and a helpful video will show up next. Click on the WiseStamp icon and choose the “Edit Signature” pop-up choice. From there, an edit screen will appear. In this screen, you will see how to add your links to RSS, social media and instant messaging profiles.


Make sure to preview your signature line before you send it out. Be certain that all of your links work. Then, check it periodically and keep it up to date in order to keep this great marketing tool working at its best

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