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Online Business Branding with Social Media

December 8, 2009 by Blair Stover

One of the most important ways to make your business brand stand out is by making it known.  Take Snickers for example, and their campaign using just their standard color, shape and font for billboard and other media ads.  Even with the words “Patrick Chewing” in place of Snickers, most people could connect the advertising to the right product.

Online business branding can be just as important.  Making your brand name known across the most popular social networks can get your message to many new clients every day.  And if you are already well known, then it can remind those who like your brand about it on a daily basis.

So how do you brand your business in social media?  For starters, you will want to register your brand with the most popular social networks.  You can begin with Twitter, the social network that allows you to communicate with your followers using 140 character public and private status messages.  Getting started on Twitter is easy – sign up with your brand name as your user name, then create a custom background image for your Twitter profile.  Whole Foods on Twitter is a good example of a simple custom background that maintains their corporate brand.

Facebook is another great social networking site for business branding.  On Facebook, you can setup a business page.  Once it has gained 100 fans, you are able to create a custom URL for your page.  Sears is a great example of a successful Facebook page, where they offer a coupon for anyone who becomes a fan.

Depending on your brand, there are also many other social networks that are geared toward a particular niche.  For example, Flickr is a great network for those interested in photography, which would be a perfect site to target for a business that sells digital cameras.

The key thing to remember about business branding on social media – social media is social.  You cannot just create a profile on Twitter, abandon it, and then hope that followers will flock to it.  Look at the ways other successful brands are using particular networks, and follow in their footsteps.  Interact with your fans and give them good reasons to come back to your social media presence.

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