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New Features in the Disqus Comment System

November 27, 2012 by blairstover

In early May, DISQUS announced that the new version of their commenting system was about to be deployed. This new version brings with it a lot of news. Here are the main lines of development that have been presented to the 2012 Disqus version, provided by Blair Stover:


  • Fluidity: The new and improved DISQUS is in real time. The goal is to keep the best sides of the commenting system structured.
  • Quality: To promote the quality of your comments, DISQUS adds a functionality vote in the system. Beyond a simple “Like” tool, it is the rich discussions that will be promoted with this system without the less popular ‘silence’ opinions.
  • Custom: DISQUS will allow users to know what is being said about their ongoing conversations wherever they may be. This personalized experience is integrated into the system’s platform itself, so that a user does not need to leave the window they are on.
  • Discovery: DISQUS wants to help sites to better communicate with their audience. This new feature will highlight the most active discussions as well as the key participants of a site.

Take a look at these new features that Diqus highlight in their new commenting system:


  • A New Look and Feel. It isn’t just about a site’s appearance anymore. Now you have to figure in overall integration of single features.
  • User Reputation System. Disqus has plenty of users that are active and leave comments.
  • User Activity Reporting in Real Time.
  • Powerful Discovery Box. Disqus scours your website to find what people would like most and then threads it.
  • Built In Analytics.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • On Site Communities Feature.
  • Profile Cards that have a “Follow” Option.
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