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Must-Know Social Media Optimization Tips

October 17, 2012 by Blair Stover

Must-Know Social Media Optimization Tips


Are you looking to get e-shopping on your website or just have a showcase site that is present on the web? Both is great, but in today’s fast paced world, optimization is a must. As Blair Stover explains below, there are some must know social media optimization tips that every website owner needs to pay attention to.

Because having a beautiful, functional and ergonomic site it is not everything, there is still work through optimization (SEO) to do via a strategy of content and net-linking which will help increase visibility and gain customers.

Google is authentic in the world of web search engines; the last evolution of Google has changed everything concerning the Internet by giving more importance to the quality of your content and “popularity”. Today, Google attaches great importance to the interaction that people have with you and your business, content that you share with others, and how it is passed on.

That is why the SMO is an integral part of SEO! Here are some fantastic social media optimization tips for you to think about:

Have a community management strategy

  • Look a the definition of an editorial that has keywords for use with SEO
  • Use a Facebook fan page with regular content and active fans
  • Start a blog with optimized content and strong links to your site
  • Netlink in connection with the influential bloggers in your field
  • Presence on platforms such Google+, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Take tips from successful business owners or people that have successful runs with social media.
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