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Maximising Your YouTube Marketing

August 17, 2011 by Blair Stover


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If you are not getting desired results with your YouTubemarketing, take action. According to Nielson, both mobile and Internet viewing have increased 20 to 35 percent over last year while traditional television viewing increased only fractionally over last year. This alone is an important reason to focus on your YouTube marketing. Try the following tips to maximize this marketing.Be aware that each minute, thirty-five hours of new video are uploaded into YouTube. This offers a huge amount of competition. This is exactly why you want to make the most of your YouTube marketing efforts. Firstly, create compelling videos. Your videos should address the needs of your intended audience. Consider what will be compelling, valuable and helpful to your prospective customers. Have your videos focus on slide shows, expert interviews, frequently asked questions, how-to’s, etc.

Next, make your videos easy to find from within YouTube and outside of YouTube. Remember that Google owns YouTube. Videos frequently appear as first page results on search engines. You can essentially skip over your competition to the top of the results of a search page in this way. To make your video findable focus on the title, adding a colon after the initial key words, make your description as keyword-rich and descriptive as possible and tag all and any related keywords in the tags field.

Create a branded experience. You can do this on YouTube without becoming a partner or paying out for a brand channel. By turning your channel into a destination, your YouTube channel can become a second home. Choose background colors that coincide with your branding. Make your layout in “Player View” and set your featured video to autoplay. Add a playlist of the videos that represent your products and services.


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