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Mashable 2010 Awards Winners

February 15, 2011 by Blair Stover

Over a million people voted on the 2010 Mashable awards this year, and now it’s time to take a look at some of the top winners. Most of these are brands or products, etc. that you already know about Blair Stover on Social Media: Mashablesand perhaps are even using.

1. Android took best platform – No big surprise there, as it’s the most innovative OS to-date.

2. was awarded best customer service for its versatile and social media fed customer service platform.

3. Fizy, a music site from Turkey, was awarded best music site for its easy to use software and vast library of 75 million songs.

4. The iPad was awarded for being the best new gadget, and that’s no surprise. It’s easy to ask: What doesn’t the iPad do?

5. Twitter was awarded for being the most breakthrough website, seeing as its features have vastly grown and that it’s also one of the most used sites on the web.

6. Apple took home an award for having the best mobile device thanks to the iPhone.

7. Ebuddy was awarded for offering the best mobile user experience, namely for its amazing instant messaging service.

8. got an award for best mobile application.  It audibly reads you text messages from your phone and replies to them while you are driving, hands-free.

9. Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded mobile games, was awarded for being the best and most popular mobile game.

These are some of the more notable winners that come to mind from this year’s awards. Seemingly, Apple did the best out of the bunch by winning an award for two of its innovative devices.

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