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Making the Most Out of Your E-newsletter Landing Page

June 15, 2012 by Blair Stover

Social media has taken the world by storm over the past decade and email assets have become more useful than they ever have been. For content marketers, their sole job is to develop audiences while building up their channels. What are their two largest sidekicks in this little venture? Twitter and Facebook, but there is an issue behind all of this. When a person signs up on these types of social sites, they are not under a content marketers watch, they are still in the social media’s grasp. There is one good side to all of this though and that is that the customer’s email becomes a business asset.

Below are some steps you should take when trying to perfect your e-newsletter landing page. This is going to allow you to further deepen your prospects and increase customer numbers.

1-     Spelling Out Benefits

2-     Try Showing Them Pictures

3-     Send Them Links to Samples

4-     Signing Up is Usually Above the Fold

5-     Use No More than 5-7 Fields

6-     Give Clear Links to Your Privacy Statement

7-     Show The Customers What You Will and Will Not Do With the Info

8-     Never Have a Button that Says “Submit”. Use One that Says “Subscribe”

9-     There is no Need for Needless Distractions so get rid of them.

10-  Have a Reward or Testimonial Section

Do not try to overwhelm the client with something fancy. Use a simple form that shows the customer that it has the value which corresponds with the info being given. Never overcomplicate the process.

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