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Make Your Blog Posts Social Friendly with These Tips

August 22, 2012 by Blair Stover


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If you want more readers for your posts, turning your blog into a social experience is the way to go. Blogging and social media can work well together if you know how to play the game. Here are some commonsense tips that will get your posts noticed.

The use of social sharing buttons cannot be overrated. Be sure to use several of the more popular ones like Digg Digg and Shareaholic. If you write a fantastic blog post, what’s the point if your readers are not able to share it quickly and easily? Use a widget or plug-in in order to add buttons for your favorite networks. There are many options.

Tweet This allows your readers to instantly tweet out a factoid or bit of info graphics from your blog, all with the simplicity of one click. The tweet’s content is pre-loaded by you. When a reader uses Tweet This, you automatically get a link back to your blog via that tweet. It is a simple yet powerful way to put yourself on the blogging map.

Socialize your blog’s comments. Why let the awesome comments you have earned just sit on your blog? Why not use those comments as posts to social media? That way, you release the pent up popularity of your blog to thousands more readers, many of whom might never have read your original blog post.

Twitter’s embedded tweet feature gives you the option of putting tweets right into your blog, seamlessly. The coolest part about the embedding is that your readers can directly interact with the tweet, within your blog.

There are literally dozens of ways to make your blog posts social media friendly, and thus gain many more readers and followers. Leveraging social media to pump up your audience is no huge secret, but it is an underused tool that deserves a second look.

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  1. Ginny Soskey says:

    Hey Blair, I’m the Marketing Manager here at Shareaholic. I just wanted to thank you for mentioning us in your post! We’re excited to offer tools to make it easy for readers to share and discover new content. :)

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