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Interacting with Clients Via Social Media

July 12, 2010 by Blair Stover

With the help of social media networking, you can increase awareness of your company and let potential customers learn who you are and what you have to offer. This, in turn, enables customers to become closer with you and encourages them to try your products. You can easily accomplish this with the use of blogging, e-newsletters, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and RSS feeds among others.

Social marketing is a way of telling people that you want to interact with them and are willing to share what you have with others. It lets people know that you believe in what you’re doing, you’re interested in finding what other people need, and want to help them by offering quality products that will make their lives better.

Marketing expert Bernie Borges believes that marketers with online content that draws people into an experience will become the next marketing leaders. He said these people will experience more brand loyalty and act positively. John Kaegi, an executive at Jacksonville University added that if you can draw people into experiences that align with their values perhaps in entertaining or educating them in some fun way, you get to permission-based marketing.

Angie Schottmuller, director of E-commerce  Interactive Marketing at Taymark in Minneapolis-St. Paul revealed that one way of doing this is to publish content that is relevant to customer’s interests. For instance, if a reader of your blog decides to share your content with others, this shows that it made a big impact on that person. By sharing your content, you gain brand recognition and a good recommendation.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of a social media networker is discovering ways to bring clients into a community, according to Eric Goldman, inbound marketing executive, CEO at Gossamar Inc. in Toronto. Look for ways to enrich your customer’s experience through your products and services. For example, using Twitter can be a great way to extend customer support. This creates an online community around the tweets and the forums/blogs connected to them.

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