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Improving Customer Communication on Your Website

January 28, 2012 by Blair Stover

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The reason you have a website is to gain new customers, right? You might have spent a lot of money on having your website designed and built and you have incorporated SEO and undertaken a campaign to promote the site, but all this is for naught if you don’t make it easy for potential clients to reach you. While web design is crucial – you want good layout, easy to read fonts, etc. — the ability to communicate is as important as is the design.

You don’t need to have a website or business that specializes in ecommerce only. The purpose of your website is to get visitors to convert to clients and buy your goods or services. Many websites offer only one way conversation – look around, see what we have, and buy. You want to have a website that initiates conversation and contact.

Keep in mind that most people do not want to and will not give their names, addresses and phone numbers simply for the privilege of contacting you through your site. Make it easy and give them a reason to leave a contact name and email address. Offer a free downloadable report if they do leave that information.

Make it easy by making your website user-friendly. It might be interesting – to you – to use a tab that says something other than “Contact Us” but this phrase works and customers look for it. Have your company’s contact information easy to find – name, address, phone number and email contact.

Offer an option for instant chat, if possible. Make your contact forms easy to fill out, easy to find, and don’t require your visitors to pre-qualify before they are allowed to contact you. Make a few changes to your existing website and see if your conversion rate soars.

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