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I Like You, But . . . Taking Social Media To The Next Level

April 18, 2014 by Blair Stover

The one phrase no one wants to hear in the dating world is, “I like you, but . . .” The same thing could be said for social media.  When you gather lots of likes or followers you probably think it will help your business.  It can, but just gathering likes is not enough to drive new custom to your business.  Instead, you must do something with those followers to convert them into loyal customers.

The Difference Between “Like” and “Love”

Blair StoverYou may have launched a campaign to gain Facebook or Twitter followers by offering some type of incentive to those who “liked” your page or “followed” you.  However, you have to remember that, while it is good news that people are seeing your company, it does not take much effort to hit the “like” or “follow” button.  The real effort, and the gap you must bridge, comes after gaining a new fan or follower.  At that point, you must begin the process of building loyalty.

Loyalty in social media marketing refers to the delicate process of causing a follower to become a loyal fan.  There is no easy or quick way to do this.  It requires an indeterminate number of positive interactions; this number will be different for every customer.  How, then, can you possibly hope to take control of the loyalty process and turn those who “like” you into those who “love” you?


There are steps you can take to build loyalty.  While you may not reach every customer, these steps will give you the best chance of making your followers loyal!

  • Respond to every request.  Manager your social media every day and try to respond to as many customer posts and comments as possible.  You may not be able to respond to every comment, but make it a practice to answer a set number every day.
  • Deal with negative feedback immediately.  Social media is a great way to reach your audience, but it is also an easy way for your audience to tell the world when they have a bad experience.  If you get a complaint, handle it immediately to avoid bad feedback later.
  • Offer tantalizing posts.  Make your posts interesting and enticing to keep your customers interested.  If necessary, hire a professional to write your posts for you.

With just a little work, you can turn your fan base into a group of loyal customers!

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