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How to Make Your Company Facebook Fan Page Better

March 17, 2011 by Blair Stover

For small business owners, the popular social networking site Facebook is a good way to create a social media and brand presence, promote your business, and learn more about your customers. By using Facebook, you can communicate with your customers, know what they want, and use them to help promote your business. This is done when people add themselves as a fan, write on your Wall, upload photos, and interact with other fans.

To make your company fan page better, start by checking out other fan pages on Facebook. See how the page is structured, take note of the photos, read the articles and other bits of information you find there. This will give you a good idea of what to put in your fan page. In creating your own fan page, don’t forget to add basic information like a website, company profile, mission/vision and products. Add your unique logo or a picture that represents your business as your profile picture.

Next, see if your existing customers are already on Facebook and become friends with them. Then invite them to become fans. You can also tell your customers about your fan page and ask them to show their support by joining Facebook and becoming fans. The moment you have some fans, it’s a cinch to get more.

Keep your fans engaged by giving them useful and relevant info. Share quality content with them to incite comments and send updates at least twice a month. The more users interact with your page, the more publicity you get that helps increase awareness about your products and services.

For more helpful advice, consult the Facebook guidelines on promoting your page both inside and outside of Facebook. You can also download a Facebook Page Badge graphic that you can use on your own site that says “Find Us on Facebook.”

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