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How Social Media can Help Businesses Sell During the Holidays

December 11, 2012 by blairstover

More and more small businesses are being singled out for their delay in the use of new technologies these days. But it seems that some tools are adopted more quickly than others, in particular the wide realm of social media.

Social networks seem to be back in the forefront of how a small business communicates. Recent studies show that businesses who started their social media trek last year have increased their social media impact this year, with varying degrees of success when it comes to their business revenues.

A little less than a third of people who publish content on the web, who primarily work in marketing, are on most networks at least once per day. In a week, owners or managers say that they spend at least six hours on these tools, and a quarter of those will spend between six and 10 hours weekly, sometime more!

Social networks are used because small businesses favor the target audience. Facebook is widely acclaimed, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and then Pinterest. This increase in use is huge as businesses hope to generate an increase in business during the holiday months.

Here are some ways businesses look to make it big when it comes to going online:

·       By creating a sound marketing plan that will incorporate different methods to reach the consumer. It can stem from online advertising to using social media.

·       65% of people say that word-of-mouth is the best way to get ideas for gifts. You can always encourage your subscribers to email or text a friend about your company. Even offering some kind of discount will help.

·       Putting all products or the business on review and rating sites to help spread the word of mouth campaign.

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