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How Smartphones Affect Employees

September 16, 2011 by Blair Stover

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It has been mentioned before, in the day and age of technology, that we are more accessible than the human being has ever been before. Being unable to reach someone in your time of need is no longer an occurence with everyone owning a portable phone.

An amazing one-third of adults in America own a smartphone. Of these smartphone owners, email or the Internet is used by 87%, 68% of owners go online in a common day, and 25% favor their phone for gaining access to the Internet. How many of these phones are utilized for work purposes each week? This is the question of business owners.

Employees who own smartphones are able to increase productivity. This is due to the ease of accessing work on the go and squeezing in a few things here and there between family life. Employees can check in at work before they arrive to prioritize before they even arrive in the office. Additionally, employees are, more than ever, expected to be reachable at most anytime.

However, this is a two-sided sword. Because the smartphone offers so much, a decrease in productivity is also a consideration employers must make. It is easy for employees to become distracted with personal texting, social networks and leisure reading. These issues can even become problematic during a work-related meeting in the office.

All in all, people become one with their smartphone, it seems. It has been reported that 61% of people have their phone in their bedrooms at night and 41% of those people keep it in arm’s reach while sleeping. Employers even find that they receive quicker responses to work related emails and off hour working with employees who own a smartphone.

Each case is different, however, and employers must ultimately determine if these phones are causing stress or alleviating stress in their employees. So what have you found – does your smartphone help you or hinder you at work?

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