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Hashtags and Twitter

August 17, 2012 by Blair Stover

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More and more people join Twitter daily and millions of “tweets” go out across the world but only a small amount of people know how to use all aspects of it. For instance, can you tell me what a “hashtag” is and what it is used for? If not, don’t

beat yourself up because most people can’t tell me either. But that is the whole purpose behind this blog and Blair Stover is going to break down the whole concept behind this marketing tool.

A Twitter hashtag is simply a type of keyword phrase that is spelled out without any spaces and has a pound sign in front of the word (#). For example, #TrueBlood and #ILikeYou are both hashtags.


So what do hashtags do?


A Twitter hashtag will tie conversations of several users all into one single stream, which you will be able to find by using that hashtag in Twitter’s Search.


Can I create a hashtag?


Sure you can! Contrary to what people may think, you won’t need any certain tools to create hashtags. They are simply texts and they are placed anywhere in the tweet. Decide on what the keyword is, place the pound sign in front that keyword, and you just designed your very first hashtag!


If you are a business or a marketing firm, this would be a great way to get your name out there and just watch your company grow exponentially. All it takes is one hashtag, a little ingenuity, a catchy phrase and you are set!


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