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Five Alternatives to Hootsuite

April 18, 2011 by Blair Stover

HootsuiteIn today’s society, social networking has become a staple as a normal means of communication.  People want other people to know where they are and what they are doing.  Then along came HootSuite, a social media dashboard that allows you to update several of you networking sites all at once.  But now that HootSuite is becoming a paid luxury, what are some new alternatives for your new social media dashboard?

The first we are going to look at is Buzzom.  Buzzom is almost identical to HootSuite in reference to the features that it offers its members.  Buzzom chooses to mostly focus on the feed and stream aspect of social networking and has a fairly good filtering system and easy account management.

If you are a fan of the Facebook interface then you will be a fan of this next option.  Brizzly offers an experience much like the king of social networks.  You have options to check your inbox and view replies that have been sent to you.  They have recently released a new concept called Picnic which focuses on your Twitter activity.

Cotweet is very similar to HootSuite and was the first social media dashboard to become a paid site.  It does offer a free version, but it is nothing compared to what you can do with its paid service.

One of the first media dashboards on the market was Seesmic.  It shares many of the same features as HootSuite.  Its account management features are very easy to use and it also partnered with Microsoft to develop a desktop application, but the application has failed to pick up any steam in the social networking world.

The number one alternative to HootSuite is a desktop application known as Tweetdeck.  The application allows you to connect all your social networking sites together and was the first to introduce the popular column view to social media dashboards.  It is currently viewed as the pioneer in the social media dashboard scene.

So do not fret about HootSuite becoming a paid site because there are plenty of great alternatives at your disposal.  Your choice will come down to what features you want in your social media dashboard and which one will fit those personal preferences.

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