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Finding Targeted Friends of Facebook

September 14, 2012 by Blair Stover

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Let’s say you are logged into Facebook and want to find more people to add them to your friend list. On Facebook there are several ways to find other people. Depending on where you want to look for the people, you have to proceed differently. For a business owner, Blair Stover breaks down the easiest way to do this below:

1.     Login to Facebook using your username and password and then go to your profile or your home page.

2.     Now click in the left column on the “friends” tab. This will open a new page where you can search for friends or business colleagues.

3.     Click on the desired portal and enter your relevant credentials. Then your contacts from this page on Facebook can be imported and checked for new contacts that are not logged into Facebook.

4.     Here you can determine what people you want Facebook to invite for you. People will then be sent an invitation via e-mail.

If you want to search for other people on the site, again, you need to be logged in.

1.     To find other people that are already logged into Facebook, you must also open your profile or your home page.

2.     In the right column, you will see the heading “People you may know”. Here you will find different people who have several friends that are acquainted with the people you are friends with.

3.     If you want to find other people or you want to look for more friends, you can go to this column and click on “View All”. Here you will be shown all the people with whom you have several friends in common.

4.     In the left column you can also specifically search for people and hopefully find them. Here you can select search criteria of the following: hometown, city, school, mutual friends or colleagues, college or university or employer. Search results are displayed in descending order by number of mutual friends.

Finding targeted friends helps build an audience that is more likely to respond to your business or product. Ideally, those you target will help spread the word via word-of-mouth, extending your reach naturally and building your reputation for your business.

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