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Facebook Timeline Marketing Advice

September 20, 2012 by Blair Stover

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Facebook seems to have new features every time you turn around. In fact, they are changing something up every month. Their “timeline” feature is one of the most-liked according to users but it can be confusing sometimes. Blair Stover has some simple ways you can use it so it can capture your customers and fans attention more easily.

Pin a Post. If you are unsure about what a pinned post is, don’t worry. It is just a status update that someone selects to stay at the top of their posts all the time.

  • You can use these to build a fan base.
  • Try offering something of value when a user gives you a “like” or their name and email.
  • Create a welcome video or something simple like a welcome image.
  • Using pinned images or posts can get fans to join easily.

Highlight Posts. These posts are updates that you select for your timeline which take up both columns. This helps draw a lot of attention to your page.

  • A pinned post will get more visibility than a highlighted post will. This is because a pinned post is placed at the top of the page.
  • Make sure you highlight the testimonials you receive from your customers.
  • Ensure that all video posts are highlighted.


  1. Creating Milestones. These images and words are perfect for telling a story.
  • Milestones are great marketing channels and the more strategic a person is with them, the more business you will see.
  • Engaging images are a plus in a milestone.
  • Always have a “call to action” in a milestone.





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