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Disqus and Your Blog

October 1, 2012 by Blair Stover

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Five years after the Disqus platform was launched, the company has announced the imminent release of a version of an overhaul of its product. This new edition is designed to improve the quality of conversations online through performance improvements, the ability to vote on comments, have custom views, etc. Blair Stover has more details below.

For those who do not know, Disqus’ comment system is used by 1.3 million blogs so far, which includes websites and news sites. It is designed to help publishers better stimulate community conversations, and will even stand up to Facebook’s commenting system.

Disqus in 2012 is the name of the new version and it is significantly different from previous versions of the same system in both appearance and use. The development team worked Disqus around four major themes: performance, quality, personalization and discovery.

A new feature, Disqus Ranks, provides an easy system of social classification that allows a person to evaluate the influence of a commentator. The functions of comments mimic those already used internally by larger publishers who assess the influence of a user by assigning badges to show that he or she can “show” the importance it has to the community.

This means that the user should be able to classify commentators from certain types of community actions, including the number of visits to the pages on your site, post comments and receive answers, like other reviews, and more.

It will be possible to use a list of preferences to calibrate the “most important” to “least important” depending on the weight of each type of interaction as shown in the screenshot stroke.

So if you’re looking for a new commenting system for your site, hold off! The new Disqus is coming.


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