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Connecting LinkedIn and Your Blog

July 13, 2012 by Blair Stover

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If you are one of the many LinkedIn users that also have a blog, you may want to connect them. The awesome thing about the internet is the fact that you can do this for free if you know how and Blair Stover is going to lay out some tips on how to do so. From podcasting to social bookmarking to business networking, we are going to dwell deep into ways of saving you money while making you plenty more.


–       Locate former classmates as this will help build clientele.

–       Search for freelancing opportunities to help with strengthening your base.

–       Send newsletters to contacts. This is going to increase community awareness.

–       Gain word of mouth referrals. This is the strongest way of growing your business. Nothing is stronger than one person telling another that something works.

–       Find former business colleagues. A fellow business colleague is a strong ally.

–       Use applications to link Twitter updates. Twitter is a very valid way of communicating these days.

–       Keep the profiles updated

–       Perform market research inside your area of expertise

–       Connect with other people that are in your field. Having a number of people validate you inside your field is important.

–       Post presentations to LinkedIn and to your blog

–       Join alumni and industry- related groups so it can broaden your connections

–       Set up notifications

–       Use your “advanced search” feature

–       Import blog posts to LinkedIn

–       Strengthen your product

–       Make yourself an authority inside your niche

–       Build a number of relationships



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