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Connecting Disqus with Your Site or Blog

November 20, 2012 by blairstover

When Disqus arrived, they stated that they were a global comment system that is casually was the built-in WordPress system created (via JavaScript) and was intended to improve the integration between website operator and visitors. However, any comments can still be managed by the Disqus website. Blair Stover has more on this below.

According to Disqus and WordPress, installing Disqus doesn’t mean that your own system of WordPress is replaced. The status quo, as they say, can be restored any time. The old as well as the glut of post-installation comments are entered into the database of all 1:1 WordPress blogs. So you can keep track of all of your comments, even if they are spread across multiple blogs, because Disqus allows you to do so.

So far, the advantage points to Disqus on so many levels however many WordPress users are not ready to give up their easy way of doing things. Here is how you can connect Disqus with your blog.

1.  Go to the Disqus website and then register for a new account by clicking on the top right link. You will want to create a “commenter” account.

2.     It will give you a choice of signing up with a Google, Twitter or Facebook account or you can sign up using your email.

3.     You will now edit your profile and this is where you edit your personal info.

4.     Now click on the “services” link and choose which ones you want to connect with.

5.     Next, visit sites that support Disqus and start making comments.

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