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Choosing the Right Comment System for your Blog

November 1, 2012 by Blair Stover

 Blogging comments, in the old days, were much simpler than they are today. For instance, if you were a user of WordPress, your comments were on WordPress as well. Times change, however, and with them so do blogging platforms and comment systems. Disqus showed up and became the alternative to WordPress and some people took to the change but most people turned right back around after a few months. Blair Stover has more details below.

Disqus wasn’t all bad when it first came out. It came out with the integration of social media which was a huge step in the comment system world. However, it just wasn’t enough to keep a lot of people from turning back to WordPress’ easy to use system.

Facebook stepped in and decided to come out with its version of world domination (as if Facebook knows how to do anything else).  The great thing about Facebook’s comment system is that it was easy to integrate with WordPress’ blog system.

Now you have LiveFyre and IntenseDebate along with several other options. In a matter of words, you have several confusing options.

Based on a poll, 60% of people actually preferred WordPress over everything else on the market. In fact, most of the people that used WordPress hated Disqus. This is not a good thing for marketing efforts unless you are WordPress. When asked about LiveFyre, no one said a nice word about the blogging company. Some even hated the company as much as Disqus. Yet all things considered, Disqus and Facebook were neck and neck in the race.

Which commenting system do you like best, and which do you use on your blog?

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