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Choosing the Right Comment Format for Your Blog

October 8, 2012 by Blair Stover

If you have a blog, you have no doubt run into the baffling array of choices when it comes to hosting a comments section. While the format question is not one that has made its way into the mainstream yet, the issue is a top priority among those who are active bloggers. An especially sensitive subject among those who host blogs, the comment-formatting dilemma if front and center. Should you use WordPress, Disqus, Facebook, or IntenseDebate? Each has strong and weak points. Blair Stover keeps you up to date on topics relating to social media.

While WordPress is widely used and easy to navigate, it suffers from the fact that it does not work on non-WordPress sites, thus is not a truly universal format for comments. Sites that are WP hosted are fine, but outside of that world, WP is not the big winner. Disqus takes over where WordPress fails, allowing users to sign in one time only, and then post on any Disqus-enabled site. In the rough and tumble world of web commenting, nearly every social media platform has been enabled to accept Disqus comments, unlike rival WordPress. Disqus will also keep a log of all your comments so you can scroll through your words of wisdom at will. Visit the Blair Stover blog regularly to stay informed about social media topics.

While other such comment formats exist, notably Facebook and IntenseDebate, the clear choice for most is Disqus, certainly for their universal application. The no-frills Disqus somehow manages to combine simplicity with reams of stored data for your perusal. While Disqus, like the others, has its problems, they are minimal and are far outweighed by the advantages. Ease of use, universality, and attention to detail are the three winning ingredients for the Disqus commenting format. Blair Stover delivers the most relevant news about social networking.

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