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  1. 4 Pinterest Tools You Need

    December 9, 2013 by Blair Stover

    Since its creation, Pinterest has risen in the ranks to become one of the best tools for social media marketing. With numerous businesses turning to Pinterest and finding success, this social site should not be left out when creating your own digital marketing plan

    Blair StoverAs Blair Stover states below, there are certain ways to make your site/Pinterest profile more efficient in your marketing efforts. Take a look at four tools to help you make the most of your Pinterest:

    1. Inject traffic to your website. In each of the photos or info-graphics you use, you should never let your customers miss the opportunity to click a link that can inject traffic to your site. So, with ease and speed from different photos, this social network can be a very interesting way to drive traffic to your website. An important option is to add a “Pin It” selection to your website itself.
    2. Organize your site by subject and select bright colors. Organizing your website separating each screen by subject and then ensuring each is easily understandable is important. Complete the process by adding photos, videos or more representative info-graphics. You can expand things by adding related or unrelated articles about your field, as well. This makes your site easy to Pin, and easy to Pin from.
    3. Humanize your content. Companies and individuals have similar, if not identical, profiles. Take advantage of this! Pinterest, gives you a good opportunity to humanize whatever brand you are marketing, even if it already has a somewhat human appearance.
    4. Use analysis tools. Recently, Pinterest announced the inclusion of an analysis tool that provides large amounts of data. This data allows users to make the measurements necessary for the development or adjustment of business strategies.

    Pinterest is one of the most profoundly technical visual sites that can be found on the net. If you are looking to expand your business by sharing images as well as ideas, feelings, opinions, etc, this is the platform to use.


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  2. Why Pinterest Can Be Crucial for Your Business

    October 19, 2012 by Blair Stover

    Companies have recently turned to different forms of social media to help them with their marketing. Pinterest has become the number one topic and a major marketing strategy for a lot of companies. If you have a great understanding of

    English: Red Pinterest logo

    English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Pinterest, it can be extremely beneficial to your company.

    Blair Stover lists four tips and strategies to give you a better understanding of all that Pinterest has to offer for your marketing:

    Learn everything you can about Pinterest

    To promote your brand on Pinterest, first you’ll need to assign someone to establish relationships, monitor, and promote your Pinterest account. The person in charge should be actively engaging with their followers and using the account on a regular basis. This person should also fully understand the ins and outs of Pinterest so your company can be up to speed on what’s new with Pinterest. A Pinterest account can ultimately help your company gain visibility and drive revenue for your business.

    Marketing with Pinterest doubles as marketing with Facebook and Twitter

    Your marketing manager needs to link the company’s Pinterest page with the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts so all friends can follow your pins. They also needs to change the settings so everyone on Pinterest can see what the company pins, not just their followers. Once you post something on Pinterest, it is automatically sent out through your Twitter account and posted to your Facebook wall. This allows for your pins on Pinterest to reach more people than just those on Pinterest.

     Captions do not matter

    Try not to spend much time on writing the caption for your pin. If someone likes the image that you pinned, chances are is that they are going to write their own caption when they re-pin the image.

    Landing page is very important

    The caption and image you use certainly matter, but it’s the page that is linked to that image that is most important. You must make sure that the image you pin is linked to the correct landing page. You want the link to go to the page with the item they clicked on, not the home page. By doing this, you are allowing the person who pinned this item to look back in their Pinterest history and find the item that they liked to begin with.

    Pinterest can be thought of as a giant wish list that people dream of purchasing. Pinning items to promote your company will lead to an increase in business.

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  3. Get your Content Shared on Pinterest

    August 9, 2012 by Blair Stover


    The euphoria has subsided concerning Facebook as investors once again need a network that offers a certain “je ne sais quoi”, and Pinterest promises that but it has yet earned a cent. However, it is being used predominantly for digital photo


    Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

    sharing by affluent women living in rural areas.


    The next favorite is ready. Pinterest, a network that is sitting in a garage-sized office with just 31 employees and a value of $1.5 billion. The story sounds familiar… is it? And yet Pinterest is quite different.


    Pinterest is a digital notebook: Similar to Facebook concerning members of a page, where they collect family photos, as well as images they find on the Internet, for example, and places to which they want to travel. The places they want to travel will then pop up on a bulletin board. Other members can comment on photos and text on their own Wall. Unlike Facebook, you do not particularly need to know your friends and colleagues to post. On Pinterest, you will find like-minded people who are interested in gardening or self-made projects.


    The whole thing is quite commonplace. In the United States, Pinterest is the fastest growing network of all. In just nine months, between June 2011 and February 2012, the number of members rose from 50, 000 to 17 million users, according to market researcher ComScore.


    With that being said, Pinterest has developed quite a competitor of known networks. Facebook users in the U.S. reach nearly 170 million , but on its present pace, Pinterest will catch up in no time.

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