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Cadbury: A Google+ Success Story

May 16, 2012 by Blair Stover

Cadbury's EclairsCadbury is not new to the chocolate business, nor is it new to social networking for the purpose of boosting its business. Last year’s debut of Google+ gave the candy giant, which is a subsidiary of even bigger giant Kraft Foods, a new lease on life.

Cadbury’s marketing folks decided to push the envelope on Google+, seeing what they could and could not do. Many of the other social platforms had grown stale for the company, reaching early peaks, and then not panning out the way they had hoped. Even now, Cadbury has almost five times as many Google+ fans as it has Facebook followers.

Much of that newfound success has to do with the capability of Google+, notably the Circles and Hangouts features. Circles allow users to interact directly with the company, sometimes because they are chocolate lovers or just want to have a bit of input about product decisions. Indeed, Cadbury even used a limited number of people who had joined its circle to do a brand test, which involved a real, live taste-test of a new chocolate product.

The Hangouts feature allows a company, in this case Cadbury, to hold personalized meetings between its followers and specific celebrities, executives, or athletes. Recently, the company chose several Athletic Ambassadors and held online chats with its Google+ members. This activity has boosted the firm’s community involvement by bringing together people who truly like the brand, and then giving them something that they value, like a chance to speak directly with an olympian or a music star.

Cadbury is one of the first success stories of Google+, and many companies are following its example and using the new features of Google’s social media website to reach out to consumers.

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