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Branding on Facebook Successfully

March 25, 2012 by Blair Stover


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Facebook has a six-step plan for brand building successfully. To start off with, Facebook suggests that you articulate. What this means is that you want to identify components of the brand that can be communicated through social media. Consider why people engage with your brand and why they would want to share it with their friends in a real world context.

The next two steps are connect and engage. A brand must create a hub in order to build connections through social media. Facebook recommends having the hub be its presence on Facebook. To engage your consumers, they must become part of the conversation. With social media marketing this is considered a key component.

From here, you will want your brand to influence the social media market. Get your social media fans engaged to the point of feeling like insiders with the brand. Certain companies will break new ads on Facebook before they hit TV. These ads can also be used to select brand ambassadors from Facebook to attend highly sought events (and send photo updates to Facebook while attending).

After this, you should aim to integrate. Make use of the other brands your client has “liked” by integrating it into your loyalty program. Connect offers of “liked” brands to show up on that social media users dashboard.

Finally, the last step is to become relevant. Make your brand relevant to its fans. Consider happenings in the news and how they could connect to your product. If it can connect in a relevant way, make a note of it on your Facebook page.

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