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Best Online Resources for Entrepreneurs

February 26, 2010 by Blair Stover

An entrepreneur is someone who organizes and manages a business. That person also assumes the risk for the sake of profit. To minimize your risk, it pays to be prepared for your business.

As you know we live in tough times. The economy is fragile oftentimes forcing thousands to lose their jobs. Entrepreneurs are people who like challenges and take a different route instead of giving up and looking for another boss to work for.

There are many sites that can help entrepreneurs touch base with other people who own or run a small business. These sites have a wealth of information and resources for entrepreneurs. Here are some of them:

Catalyst – established in 1962, this is the leading nonprofit membership organization that works globally to build workplaces and expand opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Women in Technology International – is a global organization with a wide networking system that helps women in business and technology reach their goals and dreams.

Other interesting sites include Entrepreneur (need I say more? This is the site that started it all), OnStartups (a helpful blog owned by Dharmesh Shah, the co-founder and CEO of HubSpot) and Inc. (a website for Inc. magazine that contains tools, advice and other resources for CEOs and entrepreneurs.)

In addition, check out these sites too: StartupNation (has everything to make your entrepreneurial dream come true), Entrepreneurs-Journey (a blog managed and owned by Yaro Starak with loads of advice on Internet marketing and blogging) and GoBigBlog (maintained by Go Big Network founder Wil Schroter known for his down-to-earth advice).

For more small business tips and tricks, check out

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