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5 Visual Tips for Business Using Social Media

December 2, 2012 by blairstover

Design plays a big role when it comes to giving your visitors a positive first impression. While custom designs or photos can be quite expensive, using them with and on your social media platforms helps promote your business and reach out to the target market you were hoping to reach.

Your social media profile acts as dead balance between self-promotion and social interaction. Let yourself be guided by your consumers and what they want. After all, they are the ones that keep your business alive.

Here are some visual tips to use in conjunction with social media that we’ve compiled here at A Blair Stover to help your business excel:

1.     Show your products off. Make sure your customers know what you’re selling. You can take photos and post them to all the social media networks. Make sure that these photos are going to be something that your viewers will get excited over.

2.     Make sure your viewers know your staff. They don’t have to know everyone but that is up to you. Taking some pictures of your staff will allow your consumers to feel a bond with your company because they can see who they are dealing with.

3.     Get a close-up. This is easy but important. Get close-up shots of your products. Close-ups help the consumer see what you are selling and give them a more intimate look than a far away show can give.

4.     Lighting is the key. Using lighting to your advantage when taking photos. You want your products to look their best.

5.     Make sure your photos are helpful. Your customers should be able to look at your pictures and gain some kind of knowledge from it. Show case what you sell or what it does, not just how your product or service looks.

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