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4 Content and Social Media Tips To Make Your Business Blog

June 19, 2012 by Blair Stover

An overview of online marketing. A simple grap...

An overview of online marketing. A simple graph that represents the major components of online marketing, including, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including RSS and Atom feeds, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Networking/Blogs and Social Netowrking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corporate agencies seem to be chasing their tails when it comes to the vast world of social media and blogs.  Yet social media is a big part of today’s consumer audience, and companies that can successfully execute their marketing tactics concerning social media will often conclude the business is doing well.

You will hear of the saying that “the skills are only as great as the tools being used” and this applies to the rapidly evolving web presence and social media world. One way to stand out from other businesses is to have a good quality blog. If you have a blog or you’re looking to start one for your business, here are a few tips to get you started on the right path to social media stardom.

1.     It always starts with the customers.  You must try and gather as much information as possible to see want the target audience wants.  This includes the likes and dislikes and pertains to your products and services that are specific to your company and the industry that your company is in.

2.     You have to define the topics. Deciding on goals is a start, however you really need to focus on the audience and how your blog is going to communicate the information.  As your company continues to advance, content marketing is going to become more important.

3.     Tell the story and plan the narrative.  Telling a story is probably one of the best things that a blogger can do and it is also one of the things that is often missing and today’s SEO world.

4.     Set your goals, monitor your progress, measure your results and then refine.

Now repeat everything.  Business blogging is not easy but it is rewarding.  The main question you have to ask yourself, are you planning properly and is your plan an ongoing process?


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