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Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

June 12, 2012 by Blair Stover

 What is so great about content marketing? Is it the hot newsletters sent out to their clients every month? Or is it the content they have on their websites or in their magazines/newsletters? The fact of the matter is that content marketing has been around for decades, but is just now starting to gain popularity.

Chances are pretty high that companies are not reaching their full potential for content marketing and with a new emphasis on content marketing by Google, suddenly doing content marketing well is critical. This type of marketing is nothing new but people act like it because some businesses have everything riding on it. Look at these reasons and see if your business is being left behind in the content marketing department.


–        You’re producing content but it isn’t in a format that can be shared by your clients or customers.

–        Visual presentations concerning your content are plain or possibly “off-putting”.

–        You are creating content but you aren’t promoting it well enough.

–        Your marketing efforts leave something to be desired.

–        The creation of content is there but you are selling more than teaching.

–        You don’t use production calendars and that means your content goals are flying by the wayside.

If you have any of those issues, then you are not maximizing your content marketing resources. It is not something you can perfect overnight and some people never do. It may be time to sit down and educate yourself on the newest content marketing tactics so that you can also market your business as effectively as possible online.

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