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2013 Social Media for Small Businesses

December 15, 2012 by blairstover

This year we’ve seen social media become a huge part of marketing and business. While only half of small businesses say they found success on social networks, the possibility of more small business owner’s taking advantage of social media is great as 2013 rolls around.

For instance, most business owners will jump on the internet to find out important issues like how they can increase their business output as well as customer flow. To this end, social networks can be a useful tool. Many companies will also use the web to make their company more visible to a specific audience. Social networks will serve to channel the flow to the site.

Still, many small businesses have increased their budget for social networks from just one year ago. If you’re among them, or are looking to jump into social media, take a look at a few tips we’ve compiled here on These should help you get your social media campaign up and running in no time:

1.     Define the objectives – Clearly define your objectives. Are you acquiring new customers? Developing or improving your image?

2.     Select the appropriate networks – The network selection should be made based on the objectives but also the constraints of your budget and time available.

3.     To establish an editorial – As with any communication strategy, the overall consistency is in the various messages, posted here on the web, and they are essential to successfully build a positive image.

4.     Animate “pages/profiles” regularly – It is better to have few social networking accounts on a regular basis rather than having many accounts created everywhere that are poorly managed.


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